STEP STREETS - Where did the Street go?  Oh, I'll have to walk now.

Writen, Directed and Filmed by Mark Goldberg
Produced by AVS Production Company
Edited and Composed by Ethan Startzman

Scattered throughout New York City are streets that are composed entirely of steps, and steep ones at that.

As a rule they were placed on hills that were too steep to build a road, yet in a rare concession to pedestrians, it was determined to allow them access to the streets denied to vehicular transportation.

There are approximately 100 Step Streets in New York City, 64 in the Bronx alone. Many of the others are found in upper Manhattan, as well as northeast Staten Island, the hilliest areas of New York City. There are also a few scattered in Bay Ridge and Highland Park sections of Brooklyn. The longest step street in the Bronx is West 230th, which connects Riverdale and Netherland Avenues in the Spuyten Duyvil section.

The film will try to document every Step Street in New York City studying their past as well as their rebuilding and if there will be future Step Streets built.


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